Decorative End Panel Options for Mobile Shelving Systems

Mobile shelving systems are designed and installed for all types of different environments and sectors, but when it comes to an office area you may want that little extra, so that the mobile system can blend in with its surroundings.

The shelving itself can be finished in many different colours to match the surrounding decor and the end sidewalls especially at the handwheel operating end, can not only be finshed in a colour, you can also have a timber effect decorative end panel to match desks finshes, have your company logo, or even choose a scene, to encourage harmony in the office.

Standard decorative panels are an additional cost option and will always be shown on the quote. If you would like the option to have the panels wrapped in a nature scene or a company logo for example, just let us know and we'll show you the cost for this option on your proposal as well.

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