slide to side mobile shelving systems

Oracle's slide to side mobile shelving system maximises the flexibility of the system and has been designed as the ideal solution for corridors and walkways. Another place where this storage systems works for our clients is along a wall in an office, to replace 4 drawer filing cabinets

The system runs the same as a mobile shelving system with a hand-wheel, running along tracks from left to right. The front bays of shelving are mounted on tracks and move from side to side, allowing access to the back row bays of shelving. Access is created only where and when it is needed.

We design and install a number of static bays, which are fixed to the back of the system. In front of those, we have bays of shelving that are mobile, which move along the tracks in front of the static bays.

Example: As per the above photo 78 linear metres of file storage

If we were to have 7 static bays 2000mm high x 1000mm wide fixed, along the back of the system, we would then install 6 mobile bays in front of them (13 bays in total: 7 at the back 6 at the front)

By missing 1 mobile bay at the front of the system, it will give us a1000mm clear space to get to the bays behind, we can just move one of the 3 bays at the front of the system to the left or right, to create your 1000mm gap, again to get to the required bay, at the back

Slide-a-side mobile shelving enables shelves to be moved from side to side to reveal shelving behind.

Slide-a-side mobile shelving is available in a wide range of sizes, finishes and with the option of lockable tambours, slide-a-side mobile shelving can be tailored to your exact specifications.



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