Rotary X2 Shelving Systems

Rotary Shelving Systems: 2 bays of shelving in 1 rotating system

Designed for the modern office environment, Oracle's Rotating or X2 shelving system is the ideal high density rotary filing system.

You have 1 bay with another bay behind it (back to back) both fixed and sitting on a rotating base. The base rotates through 360 degrees, allowing easy access to either of the two shelf faces without the need for the operator to move position.

Offering far more efficient storage than traditional filing cabinets, the slide to side rotary storage unit will also aid workforce efficiencies as retrieval times can be reduced by up to 50%.

Flexibility and Security

Each rotating bay can be locked for maximum security either locked open, or locked closed. By rotating the bay of shelving by only half a twist, the sides of the shelving will be seen, which then can be locked into place, so no access to either bay can be achieved

Shelving can be fitted with adjustable lateral hanging file rails, standard shelves to accommodate on-shelf filing, film can racks, computer print outs, tape data and clothing rails.

Just one of  Oracle's rotary storage systems (2 bays of shelving back to back) unit holds the equivalent capacity of 5 x 4 drawer filing cabinets and only utilises 1 square metre of floor space!

The other great thing about our rotating shelving system is that it's 100% relocatable thus minimising its environmental impact.

The foot perated pedal facilitates safe, easy to use operability.


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