Mobile shelving for office archive and file storage

maximise your office space for filing and archive storage

Mobile shelving or roller racking is probably the most space saving and cost effective filing system available in today’s market as it could allow you to double your storage capacity compared to convetional static shelving systems, thus reducing office floor costs.

Mobile shelving comprises of shelving bays designed for the office environment installed onto moving mobile bases, which then run along tracks, which have a flase floor inbetween so there are no trip hazards, when walking into the chosen aisle

On the oracle homepage (click onto the oracle icon top left) there is avideo, which shows you how it works / saves floor space. mobile shelving video

The shelving / Filing bays themselves are deisgned, so that what ever file size, box size you use, can be accomadated within the mobile system. Oracle's range of office shelving bays are available in different widths, length and heights so we can trluy maximise the floor space that has been given for your file storage. The shelves within the frame work are adjustable in the height of the bays by 25mm, this means you can move the shelves up and down to suit what you are storing.

Whatever you’re storing, mobile shelving and its extensive range of accessories, dividers, reference shelves, pull out filing cradles, static filing cradles, full height and part height divders just to name a few, can make this a truly high-density file and archive system.

*We offer a free design service along with a no obligation quotation*

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