Medical records storage

Mobile Shelving will maximise the space given to store NHS medical records

 The Challenge

The client required a mobile shelving system,to maximise the space given to store medical records.

A key concern for the client was thier medical records storage and trying to avoid clutter of boxes and files in the main records areas. Their storage needs were evaluated based on their current linear metres of records and future requirements (which we would always advise to do).

Maintaining the security of stored files and ensuring the integrity of medical data was essential for the client

Our Solution

The main records office featured a range of shelving storage solutions. To support the need for a clutter free environment. Oracle's mobile shelving and static storage system was installed.

The system keeps clutter to a minimum, enables secure medical records storage and is easily accessed by medical staff.

The design looked after their present storage capacity but allowed for expansion, which was one of their major requirements.

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