Questions and Answers

some common questions on the mobile shelving system

How much space can I save with mobile shelving?

If you compare the system to traditional static shelving systems, its possible that mobile shelving can double the storage capacity of the area its going into. We offer to carry out a free site survey, so that we can see what you have and what you can fit in, using our mobile shelving systems.

Is mobile shelving easy to move?

Very much so, mobile shelving glides along the tracks with the minumum of work. Its like power steering on a car, plus the gearing can be made even easier, if needed to. within the handwheels themselves there are push locks, which allow you to lock the system. This means as you access the aisle, the mobile system can close on you. This is icluded on every mobile shelving system we install.

Installation of the system, is it easy?

Mobile shelving should be installed by a qualified engineer, our installers are SEIRS approved , this means you know that the mobile system has been installed correctly. We will always work with the customer to make sure they have minimum disruption. For many of our retail customers, we often work at night. We will always work with the customer to make sure minimum of disruption.

If I have a mobile shelving system installed, can I take it with me if I move offices?

Yes. The system is a stand alone system, which means there are no fixings to the floor, walls or ceilings, so if you do move, the mobile system can come with you and you also add to it, so that when your expanding in business the mobile system expands with you. Total flexibility.

We would like a mobile on a 1st, 2nd, 3rd - 10th floor will our floor be able to take the point loads of the mobile system?

Yes.  Most modern buildings are able to take the point loads (point loads are the weight of the mobile system, fully loaded, going through the wheels and along the tracks) however Oracle can give the you the point loads, so that you can discuss them with the building contractor or landlord to make sure the floor can support the system.

How many staff will need regular access to the shelves?

As a rule of thumb, most organizations prefer to have one aisle for each active user in the space.

How important are aesthetics? 

In customer-facing environments you don’t always want to have the contents of your shelves on display! Many mobile shelving units provide simple and elegant ways to hide the shelves from view.

With these answers in place it will be much more clear which mobile shelving solution will work best for your organisation. There will also be less risk that you’ll end up with the wrong solution for the long term. 

What the usual delivery times, once an order has been placed?

3-4 weeks from order. Eveything quoted and designed for will be manufactured for you, there isn't an "off the shelf" system. Oracle would always work to get the best delivery & install dates, so its always good to ask the question, to see if we can improve on the 3-4 week lead time if you require it.

If you have any queries, that may not have been covered here, please call 01635 32032 and ask for our design team, they will be able to give you any information you require. "We're here to help"


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