Library Rolling Stacks, Roller Shelving Systems & Library Mobile Shelving Systems

High density shelving system for the storage of Library books

Oracle Storage Systems are designers and installers of Library rolling stacks and mobile shelving systems. 

Over the years libraries have changed from just rows of library static shelving stacked with books and archive collections to more open spaces that provide patrons with multifunctional co-working spaces. 

Our rolling shelving systems and mobile shelving solutions comfortably store and file all types of reading material, allowing you to store more books in less space compared to the conventional static shelving.

Using our High-Density mobile systems eliminates a lot of aisles between shelving runs, which gives you the opportunity to increase your open floor space or storage capacity, your choice.  Each High-Density mobile library shelving system unit can:

Consolidate existing collections, allowing more space for storage or personnel areas
Create easy and efficient storage.
Provide room to expand in the future

This project was designed & installed by Oracle Storage for Christies Auction House in London

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