Electric Powered Mobile Shelving manufactured in the U.K

safety features and push button control panel

LOGICPlus Electric Mobile Shelving Specification

Each mobile and static carriage has a Keypad on the accessible (open) end, located 1300 mm above the base, centred on the front panel. The Keypad has directional control buttons, STOP button and indicator lights there provide visual indication of system status and errors. The control buttons is “finger touch” and the contact area is large enough for “full hands operation” and to enable handicapped users easy access to the system.

Each carriage is equipped with a 24-volt DC gear motor with automatic speed control. Each drive motor is current limited. The LOGICPlus™ Control provide sequential start-up with a controlled running speed of 5 meter per minute and automatic time-out. The running speed and accelerations is adjustable on-site.

Every potential aisle is protected with one/two infrared photo sweep sensor system located on the carriage side 20 mm. above the floor, scanning the entire length of the carriage. When the beam is interrupted by a person or object as the aisle is closing, the carriage shall stop. Photo sweep is be self calibrating and resistant to light for maximum reliability.

The LOGICPlus™ Control System has Passive Block System (PBS), which is activated after carriage movement with no requirement for actions by system users. Following completion of the aisle opening, the system will remain immobile until the PBS is deactivated.  Deactivation requires the next storage system user to remove the system block by pressing the previously activated controller keypad identified by an indicator light.  PBS is preferred in mobile systems being used by the general public or in any system where any user training is not feasible.

The LOGICPlus™ Control system allow for limiting specific aisle access to specific authorized users. Access to secured aisles by authorized users is accomplished in a simple one-touch manner by transponder technology. LOGICPlus™ Control system permit up to ten unique security authorization patterns as a standard. LOGICPlus™ Control system allow access authorization changes to be made remotely from a PC. 

The LOGICPlus™ Control system provide adjusting carriage stopping distances to allow a greater distance between carriages in their closed positions, between 25 and 250mm. This allows for storage of items extending past the edge of the system shelving. The stopping distance change is accomplished with no moving parts or mechanical devices.

The LOGICPlus™ Control system allow all carriages to be converted from stationary to mobile or mobile to stationary to accommodate changes in mobile system usage levels or patterns on a temporary or permanent basis.  The logic system must allow for this conversion directly from a PC or by an authorized user utilizing a one touch hand held device (transponder technology preferred).

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