Easier access and visibility for file & document storage

Why colour code your files, how will it help?

It is estimated that on average clerical staff spend 20% or more of their time putting away and retrieving paper records. Colour coding dramatically reduces the time wasted searching for files.

In traditional filing systems up to 5% of records are misfiled, which can be fustrating when an importnant document is needed required.

Error rates can be virtually eliminated by the introduction of a colour coded filing system. Files which are replaced incorrectly will break a run of colour and thus are instantly visible as being misfiled.

Traditional suspended hanging filing systems waste valuable filing space.

By the use of the proposed file with its colour coded tab, up to 20% more filing space can be achieved over any given area.

Traditional suspended filing systems are costly to maintain as they require the use of a file within a file. The hanging files have to be replaced frequently due to the weight of the file within causing the sling to tear.

When a new file is created there is only the requirement for one new fully indexed file.

Colour coding can produce increased productivity by up to 20%

Our Bureau Service offers clients the facility to receive pre-labelled Folders hence saving your staffs valuable time.

The facility offers our clients potential savings in the following areas:

Eliminating the need to hold costly stock of unused files.

Removes the problem of over ordering

Ensures staff are not tied up with non-essential filing tasks.

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