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Mobile Shelving, Roller Racking and Slide to Side shelving Storage Systems.

Free site survey's, free no obligation quote with design drawings, manufactured in the U.K.

Oracle Storage Systems are one of the U.K's leading designers, suppliers & installers of high density mobile storage systems. Electric or manual mobile shelving systems, picture racking, roller racking storage units and our slide to side storage.

Mobile shelving systems has become one of the most essential high density storage systems, especially where there isn’t a lot of available floor space. This system could not only save you money, it can also free up floor space for either more storage capacity, or personnel space.The ideal high density storage system for office filing, product storage & patient note storage.

Our Mobile Shelving systems are manufactured here, in the U.K. and are designed to make the most of any storage space given to:

Our Mobile shelving systems are delivered & installed through out the U.K including the channel islands. Safecontractor approved and Seirs approved Installation teams.

To find out more about our mobile shelving systems and solutions including the new Kinetic system, or to arrange for a free site survey to see what can be achieved, please contact us on 01635 32032.

Oracle's mobile shelving, slide to side, picture racking and rotary shelving systems are manufactured in the U.K.

Oracle Storage Systems have safecontractor accreditation...

Director Simon Taylor commented “Our application for safecontractor accreditation was driven by our desire to meet and exceed the highest health and safety requirements as practiced by the top blue chip companies. Achieving this accreditation demonstrates to our clients, the importance and value we place on our cutting edge health and safety controls, procedures and performance in all our project. Our commitment to safety is now recognised by an independent body and customers wishing to contract us can be assured that we meet stringent health and safety standards in every aspect of the business.

Mobile shelving is typically used for academic or commercial applications, where a significant volume of physical archive material, filing, books or products are to be stored. These include doctors and hospital medical records, government records, legal or accountancy professions, public and academic libraries. They all need to keep the records for a period of time, some for many years, mobile shelving will help utilse the space to allow you, to keep both archive and live files

Another common use is in retail stockrooms to maximise the stock capacity, or to reduce the back of house storage space but still maximising it, so that a greater proportion of the overall shop sales floor space, can be used.

  • General Office Filing

    Despite the claim of a move towards a paperless office, many offices are cluttered with working files. A mobile shelving system within the office will take up only a small amount of space, but will give a home for these working files. The shelving can be configured to store box files, paper files of any size, suspended wallets, or any method of storage you prefer.

  •     Archiving

    Many archives are sent off site to save space. This is an extra cost to your business, but becomes a massive cost and inconvenience when you need access to that archive file. A mobile shelving system can be built in any free space, storing many archives in a small space.

  •     Medical Records for surgeries and hospitals

    Space within hospitals is very scarce and so mobile shelving is the answer or all types of records storage. Operations have to be cancelled if medical records are not available and so an efficient mobile shelving system is vital to the smooth running of a hospital or surgery

  •     Personnel Records

    Employment law means more and more events have to be documented. Mobile Shelving allows these files to be stored in a smaller space while offering the security and confidentiality required.

  •     Customer Records

    Accurate customer records are critical for a business to efficiently serve their customers. With limited space in a busy office, mobile shelving will allow you to store these files where they are needed to boost the business.

  •     Legal Records within Solicitors practices

    Many records are kept because you need to refer to them. Others are kept to comply with legislation. Mobile shelving will allow you to keep as many important documents as possible close to where they are needed.

  •     Financial records for Banks, building societies and IFA's

    In a similar way to legal organisations, financial institutions also have to keep records for legal reasons – as well as having to refer to them. When space is short, mobile shelving will allow you to keep these records,   close   to your busy office where the files are needed.

  •     Library and Museum Archives

    Only a small percentage of a museum’s collection is on show at any one time. The other items have to be stored behind the scenes in as small a space as possible. Mobile shelving allows many thousands of artefacts to be stored within the museum, awaiting their turn to be on display

We can also repair or replace and maintain other manufactures mobile shelving, roller racking, side to side and rotary shelving systems. Our teams are seirs approved, which should give you comfort knowing that the mobile storage systems have been installed and repaired properly. We have extensive experience in maintaining roller shelving and hold spares for most makes, old and new.

Oracle Storage Systems do offer a maintenance contract which include a quartely, six monthly or annual (depending on age and size) service agreements. Our engineers will carry out an inspection of the system and if needed during the visit, the engineers will repair, replace and service any parts that are required. This involves checking and lubricating as required to the drive assemblies, drive wheels, the drive shafts. We also vacuum out the tracks to make sure that no accumulated debris is stopping the mobile from moving and operating smoothly

We also provide a call out service where by a mobile shelving and roller racking system cannot be moved.

With everything we work on as part of the service agreement, the mobile system will run smoothly.

After we have completed the service on the mobile shelving system, our engineers will complete a detailed report, which we send to you as well as applying to the system as serviced on sticker, showing the date of the service and when the next one is due. We also issue a PUWER certificate of compliance after the service for your records.

We can also carry out maintenance and repairs on Link 51, Compact Storage Randex, Kardex, Railex, Rackline, Nordplan, Frem, Eco Space, Bisley, Spacesaves, KI, Bruynzeel, Temple Stock, Thistle Storage and Rotadex.

For more information and costs, please contact our office on 01635 32032, where our team will be happy to help you.

Mobile shelving can be can be fitted in most modern buildings that have a raised access or concert floors however, occasionally we come across wooden floors or an older house that has been converted to business and these may be difficult because of the point loads created by a mobile shelving system.

On the rare occassion that the floor the mobile system is going onto, is a timber floor, Oracle Storage can provide you with the point loading data (this is the weight that is being transferred by the mobile system onto your floor) if your unsure on what your floor can take as far as loadings, its always worth getting a structural engineer involved to have a look at your floors strength. 

Access raised floors are not a problem, we can add additional pedestals if needed in the void along the track lengths, these will help spread the point load

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